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Are you looking for a quality supplier of goods that will ship directly to your customers? Doba connects you to hundreds of wholesale distributors, manufacturers, and craftsmen, giving you access to their entire drop ship inventory through our single online catalog. We are constantly on the prowl for wholesale suppliers who offer high quality products, like these accessories and hardware, at the lowest available prices, so you don't have to shop around for suppliers on your own. Not only do we provide the best prices around, we provide a consolidated product catalog where you can access all the products in one place without having to go to multiple suppliers individually.

Brands for accessories and hardware products: Peerless Accessories and Hardware

Accessories and Hardware
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1' fixed extension column Supplier1' fixed extension column Supplier
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1.5' Cable Management Coupler Distributor1.5" Cable Management Coupler Distributor
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10' Pre-cut NPT w/cable out-WH Supplier10" Pre-cut NPT w/cable out-WH Supplier
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16 center stud mount Supplier16 center stud mount Supplier
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18' fixed extension column Supplier18" fixed extension column Supplier
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2x2 Widescreen Quad Monitor Ta Distributor2x2 Widescreen Quad Monitor Ta Distributor
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36' Pole for Array Products Supplier36" Pole for Array Products Supplier
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42' Pole for Array Products Distributor42" Pole for Array Products Distributor
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5 pos suspended ceiling kit Distributor5 pos suspended ceiling kit Distributor
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6' Ceiling Plate White Supplier6" Ceiling Plate White Supplier
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6' fixed extension column Distributor6" fixed extension column Distributor
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9-12' Speed Connect Column Distributor9-12" Speed Connect Column Distributor
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Accessory shelf Black SupplierAccessory shelf Black Supplier
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Adapter Plate 200x100mm DistributorAdapter Plate 200x100mm Distributor
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Adj component shelf SupplierAdj component shelf Supplier
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Adj Pipe 18' to 24' SupplierAdj Pipe 18" to 24" Supplier
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Adjustable Extension C SupplierAdjustable Extension C Supplier
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Adjustable Extension Column DistributorAdjustable Extension Column Distributor
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Adjustable Extension Columns SupplierAdjustable Extension Columns Supplier
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Adjustable suspension device DistributorAdjustable suspension device Distributor
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Adjustable-Height Adapter-PBL SupplierAdjustable-Height Adapter-PBL Supplier
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Angled Ceiling Adapter DistributorAngled Ceiling Adapter Distributor
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Array dual Pole Accessory, Blk SupplierArray dual Pole Accessory, Blk Supplier
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Black Base Cart Shelf DistributorBlack Base Cart Shelf Distributor
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Bracket Kit Zero U PDU HP DistributorBracket Kit Zero U PDU HP Distributor
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Cart and Stand Shelf DistributorCart and Stand Shelf Distributor
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Ceiling Adapter SupplierCeiling Adapter Supplier
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Ceiling Plate DistributorCeiling Plate Distributor
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Ceiling Plate SupplierCeiling Plate Supplier
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Ceiling Plate/Extention Combo SupplierCeiling Plate/Extention Combo Supplier
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What our clients are saying:

In the last 30 days weíve placed 133 orders on Doba. We had only eight returns or cancellations, which isnít bad, considering. I try to aim for 10 to 20 percent profit margin when I can. But if thereís heavy competition or if itís a large-ticket item, Iíll settle for as low as 5 percent. The total profit from those orders is about $2,000.
-Oleg Medvegkov, Member Since: February 2010

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