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Would you like to find the easiest source of drop shipped goods on the web today?Because of Doba's large member base, we are able to work with some of the largest and best wholesalers in the nation to provide the best drop ship solution available. These 2 products from FISKARS MANUFACTURING CORP. Additionally, getting started with Doba means you won't have to set up hundreds of separate supplier accounts or negotiate complex fees and terms - we've taken care of all that for you.

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Fiskars Manufacturing Corp
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SureCut Paper Trimmer, 7 Sheets, ABS Base, 6 7/16' x 15' DistributorSureCut Paper Trimmer, 7 Sheets, ABS Base, 6 7/16" x 15" Distributor
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ErgoSharp Titanium Soft Grip Scissors, 8 in. Length, Straight, Gray DistributorErgoSharp Titanium Soft Grip Scissors, 8 in. Length, Straight, Gray Distributor
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What our clients are saying:

Doba represents 6070% of my business I started my business based on Doba and I'll continue growing it using Doba. In summer, my store gets about 200300 orders a month but in winter it can reach 800 especially around the holiday season. Margin wise, I won't complain after all fees paid I'm around 15% which is very good in my specialty of consumer electronics.
-Pierre Merlin, Member Since: February 2007

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