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Lighting And Studio Equipment Wholesale Catalog for Drop Shippers

Do you need a fresh and easy source of inventory for your store or business to sell or resell? Doba, a leading platform for drop ship products, has been recognized as the most trusted solution in the industry. These 5 lighting and studio equipment could become part of your inventory for as little as $29.22 per item. Additionally, getting started with Doba means you won't have to set up hundreds of separate supplier accounts or negotiate complex fees and terms - we've taken care of all that for you.

Lighting and Studio Equipment
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36 LED Light for Camcorders Supplier36 LED Light for Camcorders Supplier
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75W 3200K Tungsten Halogen Vid Distributor75W 3200K Tungsten Halogen Vid Distributor
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High-Power Flash HF-DC1 SupplierHigh-Power Flash HF-DC1 Supplier
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MACRO TWIN LITE G5 G3 MT24EX DistributorMACRO TWIN LITE G5 G3 MT24EX Distributor
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SPEEDLITE 270EX DistributorSPEEDLITE 270EX Distributor
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What our clients are saying:

In the last 30 days weíve placed 133 orders on Doba. We had only eight returns or cancellations, which isnít bad, considering. I try to aim for 10 to 20 percent profit margin when I can. But if thereís heavy competition or if itís a large-ticket item, Iíll settle for as low as 5 percent. The total profit from those orders is about $2,000.
-Oleg Medvegkov, Member Since: February 2010

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